Sunday, April 5, 2015

start Semana Santa

Sorry I fell behind
 my sister came , We where so busy something every day.
 Got back to apartment had to have some wine and
 that was end of the day.
Before she came a church was open so went in they where getting ready for the Semana Santa
It is so nice

Went to the beach had to play

They sure like there olives. Three Euros a jar

 Bought my dolls a outfit

 This out the apartment window                                     Went to train station meet these guys
                                                                                          They where from Neb. But did live in Fargo ND knew a lot of people we do Small world
Parades start
Christ on the cross
The sinners
There is 34 churches here and each one has floats there are parades every night 
The one with the baskets had water and lighter to start the candles if out.

 Going into the church
 As the paraded past
some people  threw carnation petals  from there apartment I have no ideas how many there was as carnations have so few petals
There art carts with candy only had at Semana Santa time
Pure suger
The street was covered As the float pasted  you could smell the flowers Close up of the sinner ,they are all ages


  1. Interesting that the "sinners" kind of look like KKK.

  2. The procession looks interesting!AriadnefromGreece!