Sunday, April 5, 2015


Took a train to 
Selleva found the off on bus
 after a hour on the city bus 
we got on one that went the back way around the city 
Found the off and  on bus
 Went to the Cathedral it was wonderful on the tour we past a convent when the nuns never have any contact with people .They sell candy and bake things. to keep the convent going I have always wanted togo there .We pasted on the bus did not go in boughts candy in the gift shop at the Cathedral
 Entry  the line was about 20 minutes

 we had  head set and started It is one of the three largest one Cathedral in the world.
Also Christoffer  Columbus is also buried here the tomb is so large

This is the entry to the bathrooms

The artist of the painting I bought
His work is so Spainish
walked 4.52
Eat tapas


  1. That must have been interesting!AriadnefromGreece!

  2. How huge the cathedral is! It must have been so interesting to tour through. Did you see CC's tomb?