Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Sea glass heart

Last day here in Cadiz 
Will be in Madrid tomorrow 
Then back to the States
My birthday is May 1st.
Will be home for that.
By the way I live in North Dakota USA
 I still have a few days I did things so will post them too
Thank You for all the  comments
 I will total when I get home 
Let you know who won the give away

Went to beach
found some sea glass
the edges where are still sharp
Left them there 
Took a lot of pictures 
Of the heart I made

 Painted this boat last time 
the water was way out
Love this flamingo dress
It was a slow walk
Hope I come back again

Good by from Cadiz
waked 4.5 miles


  1. Hi Laura Glad you have had a great time. Your heart is cute and the dress is pretty.

  2. The sea glass is incredible! It's such a rare find here in Florida! Have fun my friend....I know you are already! Hugs, Diane

  3. Sweet heart. :) Did you buy the flamingo dress?

  4. Oh why did you leave that sea glass behind? It looks so beautiful!Have a great trip back!AriadnefromGreece!

  5. I adore the sea glass. Oh, so beautiful! And how wonderful to make it into a perfect heart! Safe travels home.

  6. Happy Birthday dear Laura!
    What an amazing time you've had - WOW!
    It sounded like the best holiday and you will have all those wonderful memories to recall when things become a little humdrum once you're back into the rhythm of life at home!

    I haven't been around blogs much - work has been chaotic for me... as at the beginning of June I'm off to France to spend time with my daughter and three grandies!

    Safe journey and God Bless

    1. Hope you post a lot of pictures, I'm still getting over jet lag ish ish