Sunday, April 12, 2015

Surfing beach and sand play

Very nice day
Leaving the apartment
there was a Spainish concert
Like our Art in the park.
Here it  is Art in the Plaza

There was three cruise ship here today a lot of people

 It remind me of our Native Indians music

We walked to the beach,
Walked a lot of beach
found some sea glass,sea shells
hope to do wonders with it
 There was pinkish red sea grass
strange to walk on
 Played in the sand
Will work on this want it for my header

Played with camera too Me and Joe

It was a nice warm day spent most of the day there at the beach, walked 4.82 miles, wanted to go to bead store but it was closed.would like to do some different wrapping with wire and beads.
My craft table.


  1. Such a gorgeous beach to walk on! Looks wonderful.

  2. What a great beach and your sea glass wire wrapped pieces look great!AriadnefromGreece!