Friday, June 18, 2010

End of week projects

This is a few things I did or finished.

I did do the dolls dress and jacket
and cage dolls. bird nests and the lamp shade.The gas can came from our family farm from 50 years ago. I painted it awhile back and never like the shade I had .I did curb shopping found a floor lamp.The shade was all a part I taped it , the base I used for a stand for a mannequin ,another part for a hat stand.Last night I tryed this and like it .The heart I had painted. I'm going to put tin things all around it .The pillows I just closed them.The hanger pocket sew it together, the hanger I got at the dollor store.
The tassel the doll is holding I did finish a few of them. I found the tops at Hobby Lobby and the thrift store. All so worked on the doll face where she had a mark on her cheek. I made the jacket out of some material I had from one I made myself.
The doll dress fit in to the display I have of things with the color wheel. The necklace I bought on Etsy.
I have a couple more dresses to sew.


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  2. Laura... once again, your eye for arranging and photographing your work is flawless. The gas can lamp that you have painted is just beautiful! Yea for you, the cage dolls are delightful! I left you a few other notes on earlier posts this week! Have a wonderful weekend! Daryle

  3. Looks good Laura. That lampshade is a cutie. I like those cage dolls. I may try to make one.