Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The big city time

Our drive to Minneapolis
Started our trip to Bismarck. Went to the thrift store.I found allot of fun thing for my vintage swap partner. She like aqua. I was surprised I found some.

Then next day went to Minneapolis love that city.
My son house was back to the rafters in the kitchen the other rooms the floors are to the wood. They are getting wood and tile.

When we got to his house we help him picked the old cabinets he could use in the garage someone was coming to get the ones he didn't. I took a book case and large cabinet to use in my garage. Now we have to clean our garage. More work.

Saturday Jillian and me my 10 year old granddaughter left for the Art Show in Edina .It was raining .I thought we could go to the General Store and hope the rain stops.The store has a little of every thing.

We left still raining when we left. Stop at the art store I needed some chalk. I was in a candy store. Did the shopping off to the art show still raining.

I was driving my daughter in laws car She had a umbrella it was not in good condition. But it keep us out of the rain.

Stopped for lunch The whole week end eat way too much. ( did good today)

Found my favorite booth Like her things I have been buying her things every year. She has the best humor.
The rain was too much so we left.I did allot of Pink Saturday pictures.
I did not notice all the pink before I started blogging.
I'm trying to pay attention to detail.

I drove back to Excelsior it is a small town . They have a nice primitive antique shop. It was the first antique shop Jillian was in and she loved it . Now I know someone will want my things. Got home about 6:00
Sunday went to see Kathryn dance it was nice .

Started home stop at some Antique shop.Jillian likes tea cups and got a couple she also bought gifts for her family.The jewelry for mom,

Today I went to painting Worked on this still have allot to do. I was going to make it bigger but did not have the right paper.Outfit is from her dancing.It was my favorite dance.


  1. You had a good time, saw lovelies & enjoyed yourself ...

    Have a beau-TEA-ful day!
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  2. I love that favorite booth of yours. All those different santas and snowmen!


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