Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project done

Really do not like these cage dolls .They are so bad. I will next time model the face, a different cage smaller mold to start with and shape better. This is the first ones so will change allot of things ,They are not as ugly off camera Still bad the boby on camera show every bit of on even clay.I now will for sure buy a repodution one. They are tall , so I wanted one shorter. here is where you can see then.
Today has been trying one of my doll got a mark on her face . I'm going to go sew doll dresses.Hope it goes better.


  1. Laura, You are too hard on yourself, these are beautiful. I love the black one with roses.

  2. Laura... your first two cage dolls are a delight! I too, am partial to the doll on the black stand. The faces on both of these dolls are precious! Daryle