Monday, June 28, 2010

Sewing and glueing

This is what I have been doing the last couple days.It is the color wheel display
I did the glass bowls awhile back and last week I made the dress and the quilt is one I bought In PA..from a Amish lady many years ago.I some of the time it is in my painting room or where I create.

I'm making a calendar with the dolls every month has a theme of the holiday of that month. This will be March St Pats day. I did the dress yesterday.Does she not look like a Irish girl.

The wreath for July is pages of a old dictionary copy's of post cards under is a fan ed pages and a stained lase flower.

I'm still working on furniture for Jessies apartment. She like black we got some end and coffee tables so now I painting them black. She has some furniture in her room and at collage. that is black When I was at Vito's I took some cabinet doors I'm also painting them chalk black I have a old mirror and doing that too. I will post when we get the apartment done.
I now need to walk to try and keep healthy


  1. So glad to meet a new sorority sister....Hope you will stop by and visit me...I have a giveaway I am drawing for tomorrow...

  2. Your little dolls are adorable. And yes, one of them does look Irish. I just love your wreath. I have to try and make one, one of these days.
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