Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Friday Weddings

Happy wedding day
As I sit here watching TV Amazing Wedding Cakes.
I have been married to the same man for 46 years this last May

The white hat is what I wore on my wedding day. I did wash it so it is not stiff

This is the dress I wore Most girls wore long white dresses .I did not have allot of money so I order this from the Sears catalog ,I think it was 12.00. I carried a hanky no flowers I had a courage of pink roses I had white shoes and purse .Do not know what I did with them
This is the gift my new husband gave me. My sister told him he had to buy me a gift.Most time it was the jewerly the bride wore to the weddding
My granddaughter used and like it for a wedding she went to.

This is a doll dress I made.
I used the fabric from my daughter first wedding .I bought in Washington
DC.I was there for a painting convention and after the convention. I went to see a sister that lived there
and went shopping and found it
I like the fabric so much I keep it. Last year I took it apart and did the dress. The shoe are the ones I wore with it.

This is my mothers wedding dress She was married in the 20's I have it in my white bedroom.

This jacket what my husband wore . It now remind me of the Amish . It was call nero
jacket very in at the time. I think my whole wedding was around 200.00 I had the reception at my mothers house. Joe was in the Air Force at the time .The wedding is a whole long story The wedding was two day after pay day and everyone was young ,Need I say more.

The bride dress was wore by jessie for a good friends wedding . The other dress is one I sewed
The flowers at her waist is for a necklace tied with ribbon

I was fun to bring the things out.
You can see I have keep allot of things My house is full.


  1. Laura, Such a sweet post. I can't believe you have the dress your mother was married in. Come to think of it I have my Grandmothers wedding dress, now I'll have to think what I did with it. Your Wedding Dress is beautiful and you carried a hankie, do you still have the hankie? Loved seeing your treasured things.

  2. It's wonderful that you have your Mom's wedding dress. It still looks in perfect condition.
    Your dress was lovely too and I just know you were a beautiful bride.


  3. Beautiful pictures..Thank you for sharing your heartfelt treasures..