Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday 18

Went to mass
 Last week there was a Cardinal as the priest
  I thought maybe this was his church
This week he was not there
 It was so pretty last week
 The man that lead the singing had a wonderful voice

This is by the holy water

 We did not eat There was a couple earring them asked they said I liked them said it tested like cavier
Do not like that so know I would not like that
 This is what we had deep fried potatoes with sauce ,cheese with sauce and chicken deep fried and chips .
It was call Mexican and Morroco 
It was all good It is a half order
 Ater we left on our way for our walk 
we saw them caring a float
There is 50 men caring it 
It is almost like a dance when they walk

 Look how close

 At the beach
Last time we went to see what was done on the sand castle .Some one had run over it
it was broke and tire tracks where there . They just put the sand back and almost made a grave with flowers stones
 The sea was rough from the storm coming in . Never saw the water so high
I think I have all the sea glass I can get it is so heavy.
 Got back to apartment side  a ship was in  port
  we watched it when we at the beach
sremind more of panama
My sister is coming today hope I can keep up