Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wed lent Day 14 in Cadiz

Day 14
It has been raining
So the hot chocolate with fried dough  
was good but messy

We where just walking like we do a lot of 
came to this open door and here was this statue these  palques
 was on the wall out side

 I wanted to see the ocean with the storm and rainy. So dark

 It was wed. they have Lent en mass so the churches where open
After mass they work on the floats ( do not know what to call them) they carry in the parades for holy week. Samana Santa . they are very large and heavy.

This is one of the altars in a church
we went in
they are wonderful
So very old

 Onr they are getting ready
 this was about 9:00 and they are just starting must work late
This is all silver
This one is carved wood
 Men there is about 30 or 40 most in bear feet that carry them
thied to get a picture what is under ,what they hold on to 

 The silver is something else
Walk 5.81
Pizza the best a Italian gal