Saturday, March 21, 2015

Day 16 / tangles

It is still rainy
So we walked in the rain
This at the port where the ships come 

 Parks we walk

 Went and looked at the sea with the rain Did some sea glass getting only a few pieces
Found a bottom of a beer can will be good to work with.

going to look for shell to use in jewelry too

 Had lunch here fish and frys

With it rainy not much to do so wrapped  a piece of sea glass, do not like the wire will do mor with less wire 
may be in the giveaway
Also have been doing some tangles .Now I need to shade them
 They a nomally done in ink ,I like a pencil  .
Have not taken class only one so mine are probably wrong ,It is sure good to do to past the time

Made pizza
fish and chips good