Thursday, March 5, 2015

travels to Cadiz--day 1

 our trip to Cadiz Spain.
This was in the duty free shop In New York,The bottle is so pretty 
 Love that Louis stuff
 We got to Madrid two days  late because of a snow storm in New York city Plane could not leave stayed there over night
It was a wonderful Marriott
In Manhattan
Made it to Madrid Spain  to the train station to leave for Cadiz  and Joe my husband fell on the escalator, had to be taken to the hospital in a ambulance Not very many that spoke English me NO SPAINISH I did not know name of  what hospital. I asked a young girl she told me the name But I said I did not know how to spell would   she typed it in the iPad . My phone went dead so I got a changer for my phone from the only one that spoke English.We left our suitcase there at the train station. After a lot of time there . He had fraction collar bone and some torn ligaments.
But we left.with the help of one my sons coworker that came and helped,
 he could  speak Spanish ,Vito called him from Minnesota to Spain
what a young wonderful man  he save my day, That and for some reason before I left the train satin I got my iPad so I was able to face time my two kids as my phone had died.
Went to pay the bill It was 368. 00 I did not think is was too bad there was a lot done
There was so many sick people  there they are a lot different then home. 
We left and he got our suitcase at train station we had some time to find where we had left the station is very large and I had no idea . Got us a hotel in walking destines  the train station 
That mom would be so proud of her son. 

 Next day to the train again
To Cadiz 
Went well
 The landlord was to meet us .But we where late 
Got a cab he did not know the where the address was.
 Joe drew a map and he found it
 got there no landlord remember a bar may have the keys
they  did 
went to apartment
 Now what apartment  1A, tried a door would not work knock on the b door 
she spoke English said it was above her .She was found ground  floor.
went up one floor to a1 key was hard to open .at last it opened
thank God.
I could not get on wi fi had no password
Joe sleeped most of the time .I unpacked was wishing for a glass of wine
kept tyring for the wifi
gave up went to bed.
got up late
Needed some food so got ready and went try to find some wifi. At a cafe. got on wifi.
Meet some young girls that are studying here from the US.
They came to help us get a phone for spain so  we can call locales
 could not get one there was  something wrong with computers
Face time my daughter to call landlord for password
Came back after going to the market
Tried the password now no Network
I about to lose it 
No wiFi  no suitcase  Sick husband If we get the lost suitcase all will be fine 
Here is where we had coffee and meet the American gals

Called my granddaughter she sent massage to landlord again
got the network got home 

Here they use pallets too
Now it is bed time 
Hope tomorrow is better
It has to be I have wifi


  1. Oh poor you Laura and Joe falling. Not a good start. I hope now you have things sorted it will all go well now and you can enjoy yourselves.

  2. what an ordeal
    however when all calms down you will enjoy your trip so much

  3. My goodness! What a calamity! (Maybe that's what was on your plate in the other post). I hope Joe is okay and able to enjoy at least a bit of the holiday.

  4. What a great adventure!If I had so much trouble I would have been rather angry!AriadnefromGreece!