Monday, March 9, 2015

Day five beach new market

Day five 
It is very nice and warm
Know where to get tickets for the chairs 
for the holy week

Found a new market not so far but small

 This is a painting on the wall of the big market there is a few so will post them all. Would like to copy and frame  them.
 some of the fruit and a craft store .We are so lucky with our craft stores.This one had maily trims I was in one that had only a few bolts of fabric
 Back to the beach this is where the gal was adding sand and water .She was working on this one.
The two have a tent up under  the steps they must stay in .They where eating when we where there to day
I went for more sea glass. Love that stuff.
 The young guy still working too .Have no idea why they are doing it .Sure looks like some sea god.
 This is the sea wall on the other side of the beach  There was a lot of cat that must live there and eat fish.
 It is so clean and cool breeze of the water.
Eat the the apartment
Stopped for potato salad and water.
Walked 4 miles, took a nap


  1. Your market is fabulous! Wonder what beautiful work we'll see of yours with sea glass when you return!

  2. You could make that wall mural into a mini quilt! It is wonderful! Such a lovely place to walk and so much to see!

  3. The sand castles look beautiful and the views are like Saudi Arabia!AriadnefromGreece!