Monday, March 16, 2015

Sunday 11 day

Went to mass at the large cathedral  
It was so nice they had a man playing a violin and a gal with a guitar
This is one of the side altars all silver 
The Priest was a Cardinal
It was the best singing I have heard at Mass

 One of the angels on the altar
Alter mass we went to the Flea Market
This what I got this week 
For making jewelry
We had lunch by the fish market It was so good. After we told the waiter it was so good .
The chef came out and told us  if we bought the any kind of fish in the market he would cook it for us
We will before we leave here.
Came home and watch movies in You tube
I worked on Hand work I also worked today
Just small coasters


  1. What a beautiful Cathrdral!!!

    Thanks for dropping by!!


  2. You have done lots of pretty work on the coasters. And it almost looks like you are collecting silver from the flea market.

  3. Lovely handwork! I too love working with felt.AriadnefromGreece!