Monday, March 16, 2015

Satruday the 10 th day

was a lot of people a cruises ship was in dock
Had to get some grocery 
Stop at the fish market

The lady was eating a orange and putting out more fish
How would you like this job
cutting up fish 
The next explain them self

Will get better

 Found a small antique shop not open. the window  where wide open so took pictures
 Went to both of the beaches this was a sand monument of the simpsons
It is the size of a small car
 front and side the guy that made is sitting there by it.
He has to spray it down every two hour in the day and every four at night.
It took 250 hours to do .
 This from the other beach

Here is the craft store With the bike in front .
It is small do not how they make it

This is the gal working 
This what I bought .Hair clip for my dolls


  1. I should love that fish market! It looks as though you are still having a wonderful time -- I'm so delighted!

  2. The fish are so amazing. Love the sand castles too! Such dedication.

  3. The sandcastles indeed are more beautiful than the fish!Was that a shark?AriadnefromGreece!