Thursday, March 12, 2015

Day Six Cadiz Spain

Day Six

Missed a couple days
Here is some of the cheap jewelry alway fun for young girls 
good some for my granddaughters .Think I get a few just to have as gifts
 I bought the ones with the gold colored bands

 Flowers at the market these looked like paper thin

 More cookies in window I wonder how long they sit there
 A candy store and bake goods
 More sea glass
 This is another beach very clean and not many there .I think this is where they surf
 View over the rock breaker to the city
 Liked the foot print
 Had lunch here I had breaded pork with a sauce and fries, Joe had potato salad and a pork sandwich
All was good we need to eat.
 Sitting here the beer truck came small truck for turning the corners it is a trick to do it.
 This is a view from across from the beach we go the most
It is a rock fort where we took the pics
It was a lot of walking day
Walked 7 miles 
Small market for water and sweets


  1. Your jewelry finds will make your granddaughters (and probably others!) happy! Looks like another fabulous day!

  2. What a riot of colour you found today between the flowers and the jewelry! That footprint on the beach is perfect. Amazingly so.

  3. Oh so much sea glass! I want to travel there!AriadnefromGreece!