Thursday, March 12, 2015

Went to the  bigger market today 
Thought the oranges looks so pretty with the leaves still on

Getting ready for holy week The parade go down the center of the street and people buy ticket to sit
or they stand on all the streets where the parade goes
 This is the window of a chocolate store .The eggs and the tree are chocolate eggs sitting on paper straw very nice store. May bring some home

Also found the shoe store  Also fun shoes

Walked 4 miles
Lunch pasta and
Spanish rice very good


  1. Hi Laura. Agree the oranges look fab. Wow that Easter tree is wonderful and I can't believe it is chocolate. Nearly brought first Easter eggs today, but resisted because I know they will get eaten!
    Fog and rain in Cornwall at the moment but a few days have been nice so have been tidying the garden and walking the dogs.
    Rosezeeta x

  2. How fun to be somewhere that you can buy oranges with the greenery still on! That chocolate tree is quite a work of art. I forget how close we are to Easter.

  3. Nice summer shoes!I love colour purple!AriadnefromGreece!