Friday, March 6, 2015

Day two in Cadiz
Went to juerez
Our suitcase was in customs
Bought a Spain phone so now we can call in country
Life is good 
WiFi ,phone luggage
This is outside of Cadiz

 There is a lot of stores having sale here is some window
I love looking at the window displays
 My daughter wanted some shoes 

I like the boots Anita thought they look like rain boots
 couple dress shop that have sales

 They make the gellota look so pretty
 They have so many candy stores and bakers. As you walk by can smell the sweets.

Here is a shabby chic store 
so many thing had English spelling on them

 The children cloth are wonderful bad picture
I will buy a couple  outfits for my dolls
 This is plaza where my granddaughter live when she study here.
 This is the back yard for many kids

 Had this for supper variety of fish, calamity, .sardines, eil, octopus  and a bun. Was not crazy about that
This is what I did not eat, But I did get full
 My favorite dress shop here
 In the middle of a plaza
 one of the bakery we bought sweets to night.
 Was a good day.


  1. You have brought back a lot of memories for me. We lived in Southern Spain for 3 years when I was in high school. Know you will treasure memories of this trip.
    Visiting from Pink Saturday.

  2. What a fun window shopping day! (And I suspect you went beyond the windows!) Sounds like it was much better than the day before!

  3. What on earth is calamity? All the pastries would be so tempting for me as I love them. Fortunately there is nowhere to buy good pastry where I live! Looks like the window shopping was fun.

  4. I think I would eat food and ice cream and not buy clothes!AriadnefromGreece!