Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day three in Cadiz

Went to the market 
We need a lot of things but had to carry it back

What do you think this is There was a lot of what is it

Out side  It was cool till had to carry things
It is lunch time in Cadiz
Its what is for lunch. They drink a lot of there lunch

Had to rest 
Ater the rest 
Went to the beach

A painting on the side of the fish market

We cooked at the apartment . eggs sausage , bread
Supper was cheese, meat ,bread and wine.
We did a lot of walking 4 1/2 miles


  1. Good Morning Laura, Even though your trip didn't start the way you wanted, It sounds as though things have gotten a little better. Thank you for sharing pictures of your trip that is my way of traveling. Have a good day and looking forward to your next day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley@shirleystitches

  2. I will guess that the meat is beef although I imagine it is something more exotic. The trees are so interesting - are they naturally like that or are they trimmed? Another fantastic mural! Wouldn't it make a great mini quilt.

  3. Love the sunset and those white promenade buildings!AriadnefromGreece!